Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Aidilfitri 2012 in Klang Valley

Dear Diary,

I’m still with raya stories…

After about a week of balik kampung, we returned to our home sweet home. But our raya celebration did not end there. We continued having jolly raya times here in Klang Valley. We do however limit the merriment to weekends only. If we have invitations on weekdays, Hubby will attend them alone. As for weekend’s invitations, we tried our best to fulfill as many as we could.

First Syawal weekend – We just spent the first Saturday at home unpacking and unwinding. The next night, we beraya to Chik’s house in Bandar Tun Hussein Onn. She didn’t go back to Kelantan, that’s why we paid her a visit. Menu – laksa, kueyteow goreng, kebab and raya biscuits.

Second Syawal weekend – Due to Independence Day, it was a long weekend so people took the opportunity to organize open houses. We ourselves got invited to several. On Friday, we headed to Klang to my dear friend’s house. We were housemates back in university. At her house, I met up with a few bloggers as she’s a blogger too. Menu – mi kari, soto (sup tulang), roti jala, chocolate cake, carrot cake and raya biscuits. The next day was my brother in law’s open house in Subang Permai. On his lunch menu, he served laksam, nasi putih, keli masak lemak, sayur campur, ayam masak merah, kambing panggang, coleslaw, fruit cocktail, cakes, raya biscuits and fruits. A little bit later in the evening, we went to Putra Heights to my Mak Lang’s “makan-makan” party. Pak Yang and his family came down from Kedah so we got a chance to beraya with them too. Foods cooked and bought by Mak Lang were mi kuah tulang, capati, roti canai, kari daging, chocolate cheese brownies, fruit cake, carrot cake, muffins and raya biscuits. On Sunday, we attended Ayah Yus’ open house. It was quite an affair. We met up with more relatives there. Ayah Yus catered culinary extravaganza such as nasi minyak, ayam masak merah, dhal, acar timun, satay, rusa & kambing panggang, coleslaw, raya biscuits, fruits and cendol.

Third Syawal weekend – My ex-colleague, Zura, invited us to her open house in Ampang. We arrived late in the evening. In fact, we were the last guests to leave her house that day. Menu – mi kari, spaghetti, nasi impit, rendang, kuah kacang, kastad jagung, cake and fruits.

Fourth Syawal weekend – We traveled north to Taiping for a wedding and spent a night there. On Saturday after the wedding, we sped up back to Klang Valley because we got two open houses to attend in Cheras. Since it would be a waste of time if we go back home in Shah Alam first and then rush through weekend traffic to Cheras, we decided to just shower and refresh ourselves at R&R Jejantas Sungai Buloh. There’s always a first time for everything! Hubby went to his friend’s open house while I and the kids went to my friend’s. Yen arranged for a raya gathering especially for us, former 7-Eleven Internal Auditor gang. He even cooked all the foods himself. He’s a great cook by the way! I eagerly looked forward to eating his rendang. We savored bihun goreng Singapore, nasi impit, lemang, rendang (the famous Yen’s rendang), ayam masak merah, kuah kacang, kuah lodeh, blueberry cheese tart, kuih bakar and fruits.

What a month of festivity eh!!!

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Anonymous said...

woit tu gamba i hiks


Unaizah said...

Ermayum - Youkan dah tak incognito...wajiblah tayang gambar you hihihi

maya amir said...

jumpe k.eda.. ..kurus dah die skang ek? hehe

Unaizah said...

Maya - Yup, akak gi open house rumah Kak Eda. Dia dah slim-melim sekarang.