Friday, September 28, 2012


Dear Diary,

At last, I’m done with raya stories. Let’s continue where we left off, shall we? Oh dear, I have so many overdue entries to be posted.

During the new Agong’s installation holiday in April, we went for a movie treat. Hubby chose to watch Battleship. I was skeptical at first because I thought it’s gonna be another typical alien invasion movie. Boy, I was totally wrong!

Battleship is a war action movie and yes it has aliens in it. But it’s definitely not another stereotype alien movie. The movie is directed by Peter Berg and starred by Taylor Kitsch (Lieutenant Alex Hopper), Alexandra Skarsgad (Commander Stone Hopper), Rihanna (Petty Officer Cora ‘Weps’ Raikes), Brooklyn Decker (Sam Shane), Tadanobu Asano (Captain Yugi Nagata) and Liam Neeson (Admiral Shane).

Although alien existence is still unknown for sure, this film is realistically believable. Both sides of the war fight to outdo each other in showing prowess in tactical intelligence. All humans on Earth regardless of background work hand in hand to evade world invasion from an outside force. Ironically, in this movie Japan cooperates with USA against global enemy. Japan even shares its trade secrets and war tactics. How bizarre given both nations’ history!

Aliens, as always, are equipped with very smart advanced technology. Their “army” destroys anything that poses as a threat but spares anything that is harmless. Their sophisticated technology can detect which is which.

In my opinion, for this type of movie in order to enjoy maximum satisfaction, it should be watched at a cinema. In a cinema hall, you’d be more engrossed in the storyline with the help of good sound system that enhances your movie experience. Unless you own a mini theater or have cool sound system at home that is.

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