Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Steamboat Ketam Village, Ikano Power Center, Apr 2012

Dear Diary,

After purchasing our movie tickets, we searched for a place to eat. Suddenly, Hubby felt like eating steamboat. Lucky for Hubby because we found exactly what he’s looking for. We stumbled upon The Steamboat Ketam Village. I’ve read about this place before in Sweet, Sour and Juicy.

Since that was our first visit, we took awhile to peruse its menu and order. The most distinct feature here is that it offers individual set of steamboat. Compared to other steamboat restaurants in which we share the steamboat in one big pot, at Steamboat Ketam Village you can have your soup in a small individual pot. Yup, all to yourself. No sharing!

Its menu offers variety of individual steamboat sets. Not to worry because there are quite a handful of items per set. Kiranya kenyang la makan set untuk sorang tu! There are 3 choices of soup, namely clear, tomyam and curry. Each of us ordered individual set with tomyam soup. Oh dear, the tomyam soup was very spicy! Both Hubby and I concluded that we like Johnny’s steamboat more. Staffs were very friendly and courteous. Service was swift too.

While we were having our dinner, we noticed Yasmin Hani at another table having a good time with her friends. She didn’t have any make-up on her face. Au natural! Too bad no picture as proof, apparently both Hubby and I were too shy to approach her.

Prawn Set
Prawn Set
Special Combo Set
Special Combo Set
Curry Chicken Noodle
The tou fu and dumpling are yummy!

Location: Lower Ground Floor, Ikano Power Center. Telephone number: 03 – 7722 3286.

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