Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Dear Diary,

There’s gonna be a change in my life soon. Quite major change, I’d say. I’m gonna be maid less! My maid of six years is having a career change. She’s going to try a greener pasture. I’m actually very pissed off with this one particular person who is responsible in influencing my maid to resign.

Maybe for some, this is not a big deal. So what if you don’t have a maid, there are thousands of mothers out there without a helper. To tell you the truth, I don’t mind all the house chores. It’s just that I need a relief (some sort of reserve player or pemain simpanan) when I wanna pray, bath and eat. My youngest baby is very clingy type baby. He would cry his lungs out whenever we’re out of his sight. Not only that, he prefers to be hold. I know, I know…by hook or by crook, I would have to work out some magic and live through this. If other people can live without a helper, so would I…Insya Allah.

Due to these circumstances, this blog might be neglected. I’d try my level best to squeeze in blogging or even surfing the Internet into my schedule as it is my favorite pastime and sort of my escape mechanism. But until I can form a stable routine, I’d have to take a break.

“Ya Allah, jika perubahan ini memberi kebaikan kepada ku dan keluargaku, Kau permudahkanlah bagi kami. Amin.”

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maya amir said...

sure u can:) insya Allah....jgn lame sgt tak blog eh unai..will be missing you:)

Sizuka said...


I'm gonna go thru that next year. Hopefully I'll be able to brave it. Kalau tak mampu, maybe i'll take daily maid.

Good luck! InsyaAllah u'll be able to brave through it too :)

Muyamer said...

maid u yang baik dah forever keje ngan u tu resign? boleh lah resign no notice? how his permit bila habis?

u tak cakap err kalu kerja sana leh kera balik kat u heheh

errr u know me right ? :D

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Unaizah!

Che Anis :)

Unaizah said...

Maya - Insya Allah.... Will try my best to blog. Rasa mcm tak leh berjauhan lelama hihihi... The challenge will start isnin depan. Lepas ni kena buat bebanyak entry then schedulekan. Tu je trick yg nampak, we'll see how.

Sizuka - Thank you...Kena redah gak la mcm mana tungging tebalik pun. Next monday the challenge begins hahahaha. Insya Allah, when your time's up, you can go thru it too.

Muyamer - Yes dear...after 6 years! Dah lama dia bagi notice. Kami just tunggu my MIL's restaurant start operasi. Actually, dia nak keja with my MIL (at her restoran). I bengang tul dgn maid MIL i!!! She's the culprit yg cucuk suruh my maid resign. Believe or not, i suggest to Fadley not to take new maid. Try to manage on my own first & we'll see from there. Lots of things have to give up huhu. Pray for me yea...

Che Anis - Thank you dear....