Friday, July 8, 2011

Zarra's First Cinema Experience

Dear Diary,

A few weeks back, I bought vouchers for 45% off for 1 pair of TGV movie tickets through Imran has been pestering us to go for a movie ever since he saw Transformers ads on television. As we’re huge fans of the previous Transformers films, we went to TGV Aeon Bukit Tinggi last week bringing Zarra along.

That was Zarra’s first cinema experience. On the way to the cinema, I repeatedly explained to her what watching a movie in a cinema is all about. She’s all psyched up and excited. Upon entering the theater, she soaked in the atmosphere and began asking all sorts of question. The question & answer session continued even after the lights went off and only ended when the huge screen started showing movie trailers.

When the movie started, Zarra could still contain her excitement and focus on the screen. Sadly to say, this perfect scenario only lasted for about an hour. Then she started to feel bored and the real drama began. Her eyes wandered to the audiences and her mouth started to work. Next, she wanted to go to the toilet, not once but twice. Next, she asked for her milk and successfully finished up two bottles at one go. Next, she felt sleepy

The final straw was she wanted to go home. From then on, there was no turning back for her. Every few minutes she requested to go home and kept asking when the movie’s going to end. We persuaded, cajoled even threatened her to be patient but it was all in vain. Never had I felt so relieve for a movie to come to an end.

That was how Zarra’s first experience at the cinema went about with her herself being full of drama. She’s definitely not ready for another cinema visit yet. Maybe in a couple of year’s time we’d give her another shot to watch a movie.

3 notes of inspiration:

Rina NAR said...

how old is zarra now? hana 1st experience whn she was 2+++. Totally d opposite ngn Zarra. I ges d movie tu yg boring kot...we watched Alvin & mmg singing & dancing all the way :D

maya amir said... ni serious sgt cantik:)) and abg die ensem;)

Unaizah said...

Rina - Zarra is 3+ now. Maybe our movie choice was wrong kot. Nanti-nanti la try again with her.

Maya - Alamak byk sgt puji ni. Biasa-biasa je budak-budak ni. Apapun syukur sangat dgn kurniaan yg Allah bagi.