Sunday, July 3, 2011

Memoirs From The Past

Dear Diary,

A special note for Ermayum – Do you still recognize the numbers in the first caption of the first picture? ~ wink wink ~

1991, E126 St, Apt 2A, Cleveland, OH 44106

~ This one from Che Anis ~

1954, E123 St, Floor #2, Cleveland, OH 44106

~ This one from Fa ~

~ This one from Ica ~

I was searching for something when I stumbled upon a bag of old letters and cards. They were from my university days. That would have been more than 10 years ago. Some of the letters were dated way back in the year of 1996. I must have kept them as keepsake and totally forgot all about them.

~ This one from Ermayum ~

~ Birthday cards from friends & family ~

As I read each letter and card one by one, memories of yesteryear come flooding back into my mind. Some are pleasantly sweet, some are bitter. It is really astonishing the fact that I still have them after all these years. They are reminders of my university days, memoirs from the past. I cherish all the memories but I think it’s high time for me to let them go. Nevertheless, I’ll always cherish the memories in my heart.

~ Raya cards from friends & family ~

~ Greeting cards from friends & family ~

6 notes of inspiration:

Ermayum said...

ya Allah ada lagi heheh i pun tak ingat dah i ada bagi u kad eh keeeke

er kad kepada si dia tak da jumpa surat luahan hati ke kekekekek

Ermayum said...

err dah kahwin ke eh dia ?

Rina NAR said...

ermayum u r just like me...i mmg treasure semua bende2 ni...n safely keep in a box under my bed :D

maya amir said...

wow!priceless..masa zaman tu aerogram sgt famous kn unai?:)i remembered slalu dpt aerogram from my friend kt uk...masa tu email x reti lg..hehe..

Sizuka said...

Wow! I salute you for keeping those after so many years. I tak tau mana I campak semua tu. yang tinggal sekarang cuma cards from my daughters :)

Unaizah said...

Ermayum - Unai tak penah bagi kad or surat pun kat si dia tu. Minat dari jauh je. Tak berani nak lebih.... Tak tau langsung apa jadi kat dia after balik malaysia.

Rina - Apa nak buat, I ni minah sentimental hihi.

Maya - Jgn tak tau...i rajin sgt tulis surat. Then bila dah pandai beremel, berjela-jela karang emel. Now, berblog pulak hahahaha..

Sizuka - Hahahaha...i pun dah tak ingat i still have them. Patutla barang byk tak hingat everytime pindah rumah. Need to do some serious spring cleaning.