Saturday, September 3, 2011

Adnan Sempit

Dear Diary,

One of the many movies aired over Aidilfitri was Adnan Sempit. A film directed by Ahmad Idham and starred by Shaheizy Sam (Adnan), Intan Ladyana (Nadia), Nurliana Samsudin (Wawa), Along Raja Lawak, Cat Farish, Julia Hana etc. Adnan Sempit created history with a phenomenal success by raking in RM7 mil (if I’m not mistaken or maybe more) at the box office. This happened at the time when Malaysian film industry was dying; this film changed our local cinema scene by actually attracting the masses and bringing them to movie theaters.

A simple story line about a dispatch named Adnan or more fondly known as Nan Sempit by his friends. His tagline “Di mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada highway” is contemporary and up to date. It’s a fact that this movie is a comedy but all jokes and punch lines are not slapstick and pretentious. They are really very hilarious. The way Adnan speaks English together with his poker face add more oomph to the humor. The film focuses on Adnan’s infatuation for his employer, Nadia who comes from a wealthy family.

On the same note, I had been following Adnan Sempit The Series quite diligently. Even Zarra recognizes Sam’s face and calls him Adnan Sempit whenever he appears on the television. I expected the film to have different storyline but it is exactly the same as the series. Only that in the series they develop the characters and give more in depth emphasis on issues for each episode. Maybe I’m accustomed to watching the series that somehow when I watched the film, I felt that it has lost some of its appeal. Enough said, but all in all, Adnan Sempit is one heck of a witty movie.

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maya amir said...

k.unai..i tak wish u lagik..selamat hari raya dear...maaf zahir batin kot2 i penah terkasar bahasa dgn u selama berblogging.. how's raya..nanti up cite psl raya k:)

Muyamer said...

i tak tgk tau semua yg duk depan tv dah tgk n nak tgk stileto kasut merah ke apa ke instead of this :)


Unaizah said...

Maya - Selamat hari raya to you & family too. Raya kat kedah this year. Macam biasalah busy makan, lawat relatives, gossip hihihi.

Ermayum - Takpe nanti ada la ulangannya tu. Dah byk kali tayang pun cite ni. Kelakar....kalau ada chance, tengokla.