Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ikea Restaurant & Cafe, Mutiara Damansara, July 2011

Dear Diary,

Since we went to Ikea, we didn’t waste the chance to savor its famous meatball. Besides décor ideas, I also love Ikea’s meatball, Daim cake and curry puff. I’m drooling as I’m typing this…

Meatball - LOVE THIS!

Daim Cake - LOVE IT!

Almondy Daim Cake

I tried this salmon dish

Hubby tried this Cream Pastry with Marzipan

Ikea Restaurant & Café operating hours: Monday – Thursday (9.00am – 9.30pm). Friday – Sunday, eve of & on public holidays (9.00am – 10.30pm).

~ Too bad they were out of curry puff when we wanted to buy it on our way out. It was already late by the way : (

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Anonymous said...

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Unaizah said...

Anonymous - Thank you for dropping by :D