Monday, November 14, 2011

Mami Jarum

Dear Diary,

I’ve watched Mami Jarum a gazillion times but it still manages to crack me into laughter each time without fail. This cynical and hilarious film is directed by Prof. Madya A. Razak Mohaideen and is lined up by Kartina Aziz (Mami Timah), Rita Rudaini (Rita), Vanida Imran (Shiqah), Sheila Mambo (Aziah Bee), Zahida Rafik (Syafinaz), etc.

The story focuses on an ethnic group known as mami/mamak. This group can be found largely in Penang. Mami Jarum revolves around Mami Timah’s life and her two daughters. She likes to pry into everybody’s life. Not only she’s a busybody but she likes to brag about herself and daughters too. If she gets “sensational” news about somebody, she would go around spreading it. Another aspect that the film stresses on is that Mami Timah puts so much importance on wealth and rank in society and think that ringgit sign is everything that matters.

Mami Timah learns her lesson the hard way when her own daughters, who are sneaking around behind her back, brought shame to her family. One thing to shut a blabbermouth is when he/she faces off with somebody who is better than them. There’s no loophole to gossip hence nothing to find fault with.

Coming from Kedah, it’s heartening to hear all the actors speak in northern slang. Some of them are really from north even. Based on my personal experiences, Mami Timah’s type of people does exist not only in mami/mamak community but also in other ethnic group. What goes around comes around. So, think before we do or say something to other people. Don’t do things you wouldn’t want to happen to you unto others.

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maya amir said...

i x suka rita dlm tu...part die gelak mcm yg ni laa kan...i confuse on 2nd thots, pandailaa die bwk watak die...hehe

Unaizah said...

Maya - Akak rasa yg Rita gelak mcm kuda tu is in Mami Jarum Junior. Yg ni dia tak gelak obvious mcm kuda sgt :D