Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kukur Nyiur / Coconut Grater

Dear Diary,

I still remember one riddle (teka-teki) given by my late grandmother when I was just a little girl. It was:

Naik kuda, tabur bunga.

I don’t even know if this riddle is still relevant in today’s modern life or not. The answer to it is the old fashioned kukur nyiur or coconut grater like the one in the picture.

I have mentioned in an earlier entry, I was raised by my grandparents so I’m used to old fashioned beliefs and ways. During my childhood days, whenever coconut milk was required in a cooking we would get the milk manually. There was no instant coconut milk in my grandmother’s vocabulary. Heck, she didn’t live to see it even.

First, old coconut that had fallen from tree was chopped to get rid of the outer skin (sabut). Next, the coconut shell (tempurung) inside was slashed into two halves. After that, I as the kitchen helper would grate the coconut flesh using the grater. Coconut milk was then extracted from the flesh using hand.

Now, with technology there are faster ways to grate a coconut and easier ways to prepare coconut milk. Yes, my mother still keeps this coconut grater even though she doesn’t use it anymore. It is just a replica and a reminder from days gone by.

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Anonymous said...

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zarin said...

masa kecik dulu pun i suka dok atas kukur nyior ni n i slalu tlg my mak kukur nyior ni :D
now, mak dah tk pakai kukur ni dah tp pakai letrik grater tu dah tapikan anak dia yg rajin tlg kukur nyior tu asyik pakai instant cocnut milk dlm kotak aje ;D

maya amir said...

hahah..i baca zarin's comment.. i rase nak like jek..sebab sebijik macam i, bezanya...nenek i yg guna kukur tu,now nenek dah tadek..tadek sape nak warisi kerajinan nye kukur nyioq guna MIL ade electric grater..and i yang rajin mcm zarin, guna dalam kotak jek..hahaha...

Unaizah said...

Anonymous - Thank you for visiting.

Zarin - I pun pakai instant santan je sekarang.

Maya - Zaman dah berubah, teknologi makin maju. Orang dah tak pandang kukur nyiur tradisional tu huhu.

Ermayum said...

MIL ada satu yg moden skit ni but tak semua org leh buat kan phobia i takut makan tangan :)

Unaizah said...

Ermayum - Grater yg moden sikit tu ada kat restoran PIL. Unai tak berani la...kena cekap baru blh guna.