Friday, March 30, 2012

Lion Dance in Subang Parade

Dear Diary,

Last year, I introduced lion dance to Zarra. She got to watch the Chinese traditional art for the first time when a troupe of lion dancers performed at our previous apartment which has majority Chinese residents. During Chinese New Year this year, she asked me whether there would be a lion dance performance at our new apartment. I told her there wouldn't be one because majority living here is Malay. She was a bit sad but consoled herself by watching any lion dance performance shown on television. Apparently, she enjoys watching the performance.
One evening a few days after Chinese New Year, we went to Subang Parade. Zarra was one lucky girl because there was a lion dance performance scheduled about 20 minutes after our arrival. Ten minutes before the show we took our place and didn’t move until the end. Even Irfan enjoyed watching the show, although he was a bit shocked of the loud music in the beginning.
Towards the end of the show, the dancers were handing out oranges to the audiences. Sadly to say, we didn’t get one but Zarra got to put her hand inside the lion’s mouth. She couldn’t stop talking about it for a few days. Well, never mind the nonstop talking; at least she got what she wished for.

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