Monday, December 10, 2012

Bisa Berbisa Snake Exhibition

Dear Diary,

On our last day in Alor Setar, we made a family excursion to Kedah State Museum. From 6 May until 6 June 2012, there was Bisa Berbisa Snake Exhibition held at the museum. My brother had brought his daughters to the exhibition before; so my nieces had been telling my children all about it. Kids being kids, their curiosity got the best of them. Imran and Zarra kept on pestering us to bring them there too. Tickets were RM4 for adults and RM2 for kids. Very reasonably priced!

Lucky for us, we arrived just in time for the last snake show to start. There were live shows being performed daily. The room was packed with visitors. Two snake charmers entertained the audiences with all sorts of routines. I’m certain they possess vast experience and knowledge because they were at ease around those reptiles. Sure ada ilmu! They played around with ular katam tebu, ular daun, ular sawa (python), ular tedung and ular tedung selar like nobody business.

The snake charmers called for a volunteer to go on stage. The volunteer had to touch, pick up and put a python on his shoulder. The highlight of the show was of course them kissing none other than king cobra. At one point they even teasingly acted throwing a cobra towards the audience. Nak luruh jantung rasanya!

After the show ended, we proceeded to the exhibition area. There were many types of snakes on display; big, small, active, idle, colorful, etc. Some we’re familiar with, while some we’ve never heard of. Geli la wei!!

All in all, it was worth bringing the kids to the exhibition. They enjoyed themselves and learned something in the process, to say the least. I too learned a thing or two about the reptiles. To differentiate between cobra and king cobra is by looking at the back of the snake’s head. Cobra has a round pattern on its head but king cobra doesn’t have it.  Do you know that king cobra can spurt its venom until 2 meters length?

Location: Muzium Negeri Kedah. Lebuhraya Darul Aman, Bakar Bata, 05100 Alor Setar, Kedah.

6 notes of inspiration:

SL said...

Awat pakai baju tidoq nie? Pi dekat dah nak malam ka?

maya amir said...

ya Allah kak...memang luruh jantung ..tgk gini pun dah geli & takut.. hehehhe

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Unaizah said...

SL - Bukan dekat nak malam lagi dah. Memang dah malam. Pi lepaih dinner. Dok Aloq Setaq, keluaq pakai baju tidoq takpa lagi. Budak-budak...senang, balik rumah boleh teruih tidoq.

Maya - Nasib baik la ular-ular tu dok dlm kaca/cage. Cantik memang la cantik corak kulit tp geliiiii.

Anonymous - Thank you for visiting.

Anonymous said...

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