Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Komplek Arked Niaga, Padang Besar, May 2012

Dear Diary,

At the end of May, we received a bad news from my hometown regarding my Mak Ngah. It was rather an urgent matter that required us to go back promptly. Hubby and Imran both took a leave of absence from office and school so we could go back on Thursday night. Alhamdulillah, Mak Ngah has now fully recovered. It’s a miracle and a gift from Allah to her husband and children especially.

In between hospital visits, we managed to steal a few chances to get together and do something. It’s not a usual occurrence in which everybody goes back home at the same time. We enjoyed some family bonding time.

On one of the evening, we left for Padang Besar. Our target was Komplek Arked Niaga more precisely. My uncles and aunts were the ones who were eager to go there actually. We just tagged along. According to Wikipedia, Padang Besar is a “shopping heaven” and popular destination for Malaysiansbecause of the duty-free shopping complex in between the border checkpoints of Malaysiaand Thailand.

There are myriad of things being sold there for example clothes, jerseys, bags, kitchen utensils, beddings, jewelries, toys, foods, snacks, fruits and many more. Hubby and I didn’t roam the whole place thoroughly. We just made one round of ground floor but still managed to grab pajamas for the kids, jerseys for Hubby and a blouse for me. Most of the merchandises are from Thailand and they are cheap. If you’re good at bargaining, you’ll get really good price.

Entrance fee is RM2 per car. Parking space is limited. You have to cleverly maneuver your car along narrow alleys to find parking spot. The place is usually packed with people during weekends, school holidays and public holidays. There are toilets, surau and eating places for the convenience of visitors.

Pak Yang who led our entourage of 3 cars used two different routes going there and coming back. On the way there, we went through Chuping, the hottest spot and the largest sugarcane plantation in Malaysia. While on the way home, we passed by Timah Tasoh Lake, the place in which Fasha Sandha held her wedding reception. Timah Tasoh has a breathtaking view. The different routes were taken because we visited Tok Su, my great granduncle, in Arau before ending our short trip.

Location: Komplek Arked Niaga. Persatuan Pemilik & Peniaga Arked Niaga Padang Besar (U) Perlis.

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-Sara- said...

rambang mata kan! :)

Unaizah said...

Sara - Memang pun!! Barang-barang pun not bad. Siap duit je la.

sisdee said...

rindunya padang besar...i pnah smpai 4 kali tak silap..mmg smpai sana tak tau nk beli apa dah balik nyesal hahahaha

cntikkan permandangan..i ada simpan gambar2 kenangan nk ke padang besar tu hehehehe

Ermayum said...

belum pernah sampai lagi - jom bawak kita haha

Unaizah said...

Sisdee - Betul tu pemandangan memang cantik sepanjang perjalanan nak ke sana. Sekarangkan cuti sekolah, buat la trip ke-5 :-)

Ermayum - Jom jalan-jalan belah utara. We're planning to go back. Hari je tak fix lagi. Maybe next week kot. Jom la....mai umah parents i. Nanti i bawak pusing aloq setaq hihihi.

Anonymous said...

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Smkap pt3 said...

hello, maaf saye menggangu .. saye pelajar dan ditugaskan untuk mengkaji tetang arked niaga... saye tidak tinggal dikawasan tersebut dan saye tidak mendapat maklumat yg terperinci tentang tarikh terbinanya arked ini. saye sangat mengharapkan jawapan dari tuan blog :)

Smkap pt3 said...

hello ! :)

Unaizah said...

Smkap pt13 - Maaf dear. Aunty pn tak tahu bila Arked ni dibina. Maybe blh Google & find out. Dak pun try tanya or masuk website majlis perbandaran tempatan/kerajaan negeri Perlis/tourism Perlis.