Friday, December 14, 2012

Hentian Limau Tambun, Ipoh, June 2012

Dear Diary,

Next morning, we woke up feeling fresh and energetic. Instantly we knew that we definitely made the right decision to stay overnight in Ipoh. We checked out from the hotel and had an early lunch at a humble stall selling nasi campur. Purposely using the old trunk road to find a place to eat, we passed by Hentian Limau Tambun.

There’s a row of shops selling limau bali (pomelo) at this place. Sellers are persuasively friendly maybe due to high competition among them. Both Hubby and I are not fanatic limau bali lovers. Still, I recommended buying at least one because all my children have never eaten the fruit before. Saja nak bagi depa kenal dan rasa limau bali.

The fruit is priced according to its sizes; small RM12, medium RM15 and big RM18. We bought 1 medium sized limau bali. Fortunately, the flesh is sweet. Only Imran ate it; whereas, Zarra and Irfan didn’t favor it much.

Limau bali or pomelo is the largest citrus fruit with thick rind. Its outer skin is normally green in color but turns yellow when ripen. Its flesh inside usually is translucent white or pink. For more info, please surf Wikipedia.

Location: Jalan Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah, Ipoh, Perak.

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