Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pulut Fiesta

Dear Diary,

Do you believe me or not if I say that shopping was not the main agenda of our short trip to Padang Besar last May? The genuine reason was pulut ayam (glutinous rice with chicken). Sanggup tu drive jauh-jauh sebab nak merasa pulut ayam.

Pak Yang, my uncle, has been enticing us with stories of how appetizing pulut ayam is. He successfully influenced all of us to drive all the way up north just to have a taste of the dish. I tell you it’s worth every liter of petrol to and fro.

The eatery that we patronized serves 3 types of pulut dishes which are pulut ayam, pulut durian and pulut mangga. We ordered all three varieties and shared among us. The durians and mangoes used were fleshy and juicy. The coconut milk is fresh too.

Since pulut durian and pulut mangga are quite norm for me, my attention is focused more towards pulut ayam. Pulut ayam consists of glutinous rice, a piece of fried chicken with a type of chili sauce. The sweet and mildly spicy sauce brings together the meal splendidly. Each dish is priced at RM5.

3 notes of inspiration:

sisdee said...

adoiii i suka pulut pntg ada bnda yg berasaskan pulut sedapnyaaaa

esp pulut durian, pulut mangga adehhhh

Ermayum said...

tak hitam pun pulut nya? putih ja hahah

Unaizah said...

Sisdee - Kalau peminat pulut, harus try pulut ayam bila ada peluang. Sedap!! Sekarangkan musim durian, bolehla makan pulut durian.

Ermayum - Yg Unai tau pulut hitam buat kuih or bubur ja. Blh makan macam tu ja ke pulut hitam?

Takde pulut hitam, semua putih-putih belaka hihihi.