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Acropolis of Pergamon, Bergama, Turkey, Nov 2012

Dear Diary,

At exactly 7am the next day, we were already on our tour bus leaving Kolin Hotel happily sated and fully rested. Throughout our trip, daily wake up calls were very early at 5am (sometimes earlier, sometimes later). An hour after the calls, we were expected at breakfast tables. This was followed by departure for next destination an hour later. That was our morning routine during our trip.

ur second day Turkey adventure started with a drive to Bergama city to visit Acropolis of Pergamon. The ancient Greek capital, Acropolis, is one of Turkey’s great centers of culture and finest archeological sites. As it is perched on a hill, we boarded cable car to reach there and got to enjoy scenic views of the surrounding area on our way up and down. Ticket is priced at 8TL for round trip.

As we reached the top, a seller welcomed us with fluent Bahasa Malaysia, “Selamat datang. Murah! Murah!” It was not surprising when his shop became a hit among us. There’s a row of shops selling souvenirs. The souvenirs here are cheap indeed compared to other places that we visited.

Before entering the site, an admission fee of 20TL must be paid first (our tour guide took care of that). Then only we walked up a stone stairway leading to the ancient ruins. Acropolis of Pergamon is a vast archeological site with interesting ruins to marvel at. It is a wonder that these structures are still in existence until today considering that they dated as far back as 3rd millennium BC. Subhanallah!

Among the famous structures that can be found are Temple of Trajan – a huge marble-columned temple, Temple of Athena, Library of Pergamon – believed to contain 200,000 reading materials, Hellenistic theater – the steepest theater in the ancient world, Altar of Zeus, Temple of Dionysus, etc.

Address: Kurtulus Mah. Akropol Yolu No. 2, Bergama / Izmir. Telephone number:  (232) 631 07 78.

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