Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kircilar Leather Art, Selcuk, Turkey, Nov 2012

Dear Diary,

During our Turkey holiday, we didn’t just visit historical places but we also visited a few places that specialize in manufacturing merchandises. Like on our third day in Turkey, after visiting House of Virgin Mary, we were brought to Kircilar Leather Art. It is a leather factory outlet. Boy, we were in for a big surprise.

After we were ushered inside and comfortably seated, lights were dimmed and loud music started blaring from hidden speakers. Then, one by one gorgeous models paraded on a walkway in front of us displaying beautiful leather jackets. Tea was served to us while we watched the fashion show. At one point, two people from the audiences were asked to become models too. One of them was my brother in law, Dan, and the other one was a Chinese lady. It was both fun and entertaining.

Company representative giving explanation
Leather samples
After the fashion show ended, we proceeded to their show room in which we were given a brief explanation about the company and its leather production. There are all sorts of leather wears and jackets on display. Everything looks elegant and chic. But after some calculations, we realized that their products are expensive. We can get cheaper leather jackets with the same quality back home. Bear in mind, the transaction is in US dollars.

I did some online research about this company. Apparently, Kircilar is a well established company and is famous for its leather products not only in Turkey but also overseas.

Address: Selcuk Aydin Karayolu Mersinlik Mevkii / Izmir, Turkey. Telephone number: +90 232 892 93 30. Website:

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rostina76 said...

salam unaizah….ros pernah tgk few friends g kilang & show ni. as u said mahal…..btw my brother & sil (dorg skrg menetap kat mekah) tailor made leather jacket ni @sorang tailor d istanbul jauh lebih murah. heheh!!!ros dengar je dulu input, kot2 ada rezeki blh amp istanbul

Unaizah said...

Rostina76 - Insya Allah, amin. Saya pun kalau ada rezeki nak gi lagi istanbul. Trip hari tu kami tak betul-betul explore the city. Memang kalau kira-kira balik, blh dpt lebih murah same quality kat tempat lain.

Loukhuak said...

In March 2017, I was also brought in the Leatherart Shop in Izmir.
Starting with leather wears fashion show while hot Apple Tea was served.
Later I moved into the main shop among racks of different designs of leather wears. Finally I was advised to a black lamb jacket and irresistable to try one on.
With best price compromising with the big man of the shop, I brought one back home in Bangkok.
I think I am happy, having it for my cold wind attire.