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Alkoclar Adakule Hotel, Kusadasi, Turkey, Nov 2012

Dear Diary,

Two ancient archeological sites visit in a day plus long hours on a bus with children to entertain, I was certainly more than ready to call it a day. It was music to my ears when Elif, our tour guide, announced that we were going to our hotel next.

The hotel that she meant was Alkoclar Adakule Hotel in Kusadasi. We got two rooms (436 & 437). There are two single beds in each room. Actually, we were given a slightly bigger corner room with 3 single beds but we switched it with my in-laws. Benefits of traveling with family eh :-)

We neither got the chance nor the time to fully explore the hotel. When we arrived at Alkoclar Hotel, it was already late evening. Tiredness beat us. The next day, we checked out very early. You can expect basic amenities and free WIFI the very least.

Many types of breads & jams
Choices of foods
My breakfast plate
The hotel’s buffet dinner and breakfast were acceptable. Among all the foods, I found a treasure, cili api jeruk. Naik selera makan! One thing for sure, there was always rice served at every meal be it at hotel buffets or restaurant servings. Although Turkish rice is not plain white rice like ours, at least our Malay taste buds were gratified.

Preparing salad as per request
Desserts choices
Beverages selections
From surfing the net, I gathered that there are many beaches around Kusadasi. In fact, our hotel has its own private sandy beach. Hotel guests can enjoy sunrise and sunset views. Too bad time was not on our side. Overall, our stay was pleasant. The only setback was the hotel elevator. It is slow and its space is quite small. As we were traveling in a group, you can imagine the long wait in front of the elevators. Memang berjanggut menunggu! We resorted to using the goods elevator during check out time.

Address: Alkoclar Adakule Hotel, Bayraklidede Mevkii 09400 Kusadasi/Aydin. Telephone number: +90 256618 11 43. Website:

2 notes of inspiration:

rostina76 said...

nice hotel with nice foods

Unaizah said...

Rostina76 - Alhamdulillah, semua hotel yg kami stay kat Turki best belaka. In terms of food, saya ni jenis semua blh makan so no problem for me. But personally, makanan Turki ni rasanya sama je (bland). Macam kita ada masam, pedas, etc. Tp kebab memang best! Nasib baik ada cili jeruk, cili hijau, cili padi, chili flakes...pembangkit selera.