Friday, April 22, 2011

Melaka Crocodile Farm / Taman Buaya Melaka, Feb 2011

Dear Diary,
After getting a few mementos at Dataran Pahlawan, we went to one of several tourist spots in Ayer Keroh. Our destination was Taman Buaya Melaka or Melaka Crocodile Farm. This farm is opened everyday from 9am till 7pm (including public and school holidays). The entrance fees for Crocodile Farm only are RM8 for adults and RM5 for children; but you have to pay RM10 (adults) and RM6 (children) if you want to include water park. Kids below 4 years old get to go in free. Besides crocodile which is obviously the main attraction, there are also rides, souvenir shop, haunted house, sculptures of famous buildings and a mini water park.
As we stepped inside, we were greeted by a replica of a crocodile. It was huge and long. Then, we feasted our eyes with beautiful mini sculptures of famous buildings in Malaysia. Among the monuments that are handsomely replicated are A Famosa, Penang Bridge, KL Tower, National Mosque, Tugu Negara, KLCC, Sepang F1 Circuit and many more.
Most of the crocodiles here are saltwater/estuarine crocodiles (buaya tembaga). We’re lucky to spot a few eggs lying around the ground. The mother crocodile was very protective of her eggs because she started to make hissing sound whenever we came near her cage.
The highlight of the visit was the mini water park. The kids who love playing with water enjoyed themselves tremendously swimming in the pool.
We were quite disappointed because we didn’t get any chance to watch the crocodiles in action. There were no crocodile shows or feeding sessions. I’m not sure whether we went there at the wrong time or there were no more shows being staged. So, what we actually got to observe were crocodiles lazing under the sun. Well, what else do crocodiles in captivity do, right?
Moreover, some areas of the farm are not well kept; a case in point is the show area. The visit to the farm would have been a total waste save for the mini water park. Check out Melaka Crocodile Farm’s website here.

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Ms Dots said...

i must make a point to bring my kids here. Like all those miniature buildings.. Happy nyer tengok ur kiddos enjoying the pool. Mesti fun kan?

Unaizah said...

Ms Dots - I think better gi Melaka Zoo. Tp if you nak tengok miniature buildings and main-main air, this place is ok. Don't expect too much dear!!! Anak-anak i memang pantang tengok air....redah terjun je hihi.

Rina NAR said...

how i wish hubby could hv extra ample time mcm tu...syok je boleh jln2 ngn hubby is super busy.uwaaa!!!

Unaizah said...

Rina - due time dear!! My hubby pun busy, weekdays memang susah dia nak spend time dgn bdk2 sebab dia gi keje diorang tak bangun lagi and bila dia balik diorang dah tido. So, cuti-cuti je la we really spend time together. Tried hard to squeeze some time to jln2 mkn2 in between hihi.

Ermayum said...

amboi jalan sakan ada jumpa buaya darat tak heheh

Unaizah said...

Ermayum - Sejak dua menjak ni memang sakan kami berjalan sana sini. Tak tahulah angin apa si Fadley. Kami ikut je hihi.