Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hevea Cafeteria, Shah Alam, Mar 2012

Dear Diary,

Have you ever used trunk road connecting Subang town or Shah Alam with Sungai Buloh? If you’re a plants enthusiast, you’d definitely plied this road at least once because it is dotted with many plant nurseries and landscaping companies along the way. You can get all sorts of plants at very good bargains.

Long before Guthrie or PLUS highways, this road is one of the main route to reach Sungai Buloh. Besides plant nurseries, you’ll also notice lots of rubber tress. That’s because Stesyen Penyelidikan RRIM of Lembaga Getah Malaysia (RRI) is tucked somewhere beyond the rubber trees.

When you enter RRI, you will somehow feel like you’re transported into another era. Its strong kampong environment evokes memories of days gone by. The quietness and tranquility welcome you. Somewhere in that peaceful setting, lie a small canteen named Hevea Cafeteria. Don’t be deceived by its quaint look because you’d find delicious food and friendly staffs there.

We had a chance to have lunch there one fine day. Our orders were Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin with Telur Dadar, Nasi Goreng Cili Padi with Telur Dadar, Nasi Goreng Cina (no veggie) and Mi Goreng. Although at a glance all the fried rice look the same, their tastes are definitely not. Each has its own distinctive taste. Not only they are tasty, the portion is also very generous that made us feel full until late evening.

The star of the day was definitely the fried noodle. I was perplexed as to why fried noodles can be seen at almost every table and almost 90% of the customers arrived after us ordered fried noodles. One taste vanquished my puzzle. It was very delicious!

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