Friday, August 31, 2012

Irfan's Raya Haircut

Dear Diary,

Hubby brought the two boys for their raya haircut two weeks before raya. That was Irfan’s second time going to a barber. His first haircut experience (I was not there) at a barbershop was smooth sailing. He sat quietly, didn’t move his head or cry. It was a quick and easy trip.

However, the second time was totally the opposite. He started crying as soon as Hubby placed him on the chair; so, Hubby seated Irfan on his lap. The crying soon changed into wailing when the barber started cutting his hair. Luckily, the barber was swift and skilled in doing his job. He was done before Irfan became out of control.

Phew, Irfan oh Irfan!

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