Friday, August 3, 2012

Sno, Sunway Pyramid, Mac 2012

Dear Diary,

Tengoklah dua beradik ni sibuk memilih….pandai ke shopping?
After savoring delicious Middle Eastern cuisine at Tarbush, we stepped inside Jusco Sunway Pyramid. No intention of buying anything, we just window shopped and walked around to loosen up our full tummies. Boleh jugak cuci matakan :-)

Before leaving Sunway Pyramid for home, we made one final stop for some refreshments at Sno. It is a kiosk that sells shakes (use ice cream) and smoothies (use frozen yoghurt). Quite a variety of items to choose from, I tell you. There are Wild Sno, Easy Sno, Sno Signature, Sno Shakes and Snoothies.

What’s even more interesting is that customers can create their own drinks (which are named Wild Sno) by choosing which ingredients to put inside. There are 3 steps to follow. First, choose your base namely vanilla ice cream, green tea ice cream and frozen yoghurt. Next, choose your blended flavors ranging from assorted chocolates, several types of fruits, local favorites and everything else in between. Last, choose your add-on toppings.

I tried concocting my own Wild Sno and it came out surprisingly yummy. I chose vanilla ice cream, Daim Bar and apple topped with whipped cream.

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