Sunday, August 12, 2012

Restoran Diana 3 Seafood, KL, Apr 2012

Dear Diary,

Many of us know that Kampung Baru area is a food haven especially for local cuisine. It is scattered with eating places, big and small. We can find variety of foods being sold in every corner and lane. One night we were in the vicinity of Kampung Baru, so Hubby decided to bring us to one place that he used to frequent before, Diana 3 Seafood.

One look at the place, maybe some of us wouldn’t even consider eating there. But don’t pass any judgment just yet until you taste the food there. The Kelantanese cook sure knows his stuff. We had a fabulous time finishing everything on the plate that night.

I’m not sure of the restaurant’s address but it is located near a police station and AKLEH exit. It’s towards the end of a road (Jalan Raja Abdullah). Come to think of it, this restaurant is not situated in Kampung Baru area only nearby to it. Silly me!

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