Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday, Imran!

Dear Diary,

Today, 24th of November is my firstborn’s birthday.

Muhammad Syaheed Imran,

Eight years ago, your arrival was the most awaited event in the whole family. Not only you’re Abah and Mama’s firstborn but you’re also Tok and Tok Ma’s first grandchild. Everybody was looking forward to welcome you to the world.

Eight years later, you’ve grown to become an active and inquisitive child. You love playing games be it PSP or iPad. You have a very good memory. Janganlah berjanji dengan dia kalau tak boleh nak ditunai sebab dia ingat dan dia akan tuntut.

You like to ask challenging questions. Soalan yang mencabar minda, membuat Mama terkedu kadang tu. It’s okay dear because it reflects your thirst for knowledge. Learning is a lifelong process.

I believe you’re one bright boy because you easily grasp whatever we teach you. Bab menghafal memang cekap. Surah-surah dalam Muqaddam dah banyak dia hafal. But when it comes to study, you need a lot of push and encouragement. I guess because there’re so many distractions that shorten your attention span. Thus you tend to lose focus. I know when the time arrives you’ll rise to the occasion.

When Mama is sick, you’re always there for Mama. Tolong picit kepala, tolong urut. Your tears come easily too. Sometimes, you’re such a baby even though you’re the eldest. One skill that you’ve acquired and mastered is pijak belakang. Memang sedap dia pijak. Just the right pressure and weight.

Hah, one more thing I must mention here is that you’re very penakut. Even in broad daylight, you’re afraid. You’ll ask me or Zarra or even Irfan to keep you company. Malam tak yah cakaplah.

Whatever it is, Imran, today is your day. Enjoy it to the fullest. Happy 8th birthday, Abang!

My wish for you as any mother’s wish in the world is for you to grow up as an obedient Muslim, a good son, a virtuous person and most importantly a happy man.

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maya amir said...

tiap hari i click bukak sini tgk ade update tak? heheh... happy bday abang! dah besar.. ni yg sulung kan kak unai? be a good big brother sayang... *kak, rambut die mcm anak sulung i, danial..pacak2 jek..heheh*

Unaizah said...

Maya - Ni la anak akak yg sulung Maya. Amin & thank you.

Rambut dia tu tak yah pakai gel ke apa dah sebab memang mewarisi rambut jenis keras akak. Memang pacak sokmo la.

Ermayum said...

happy bes day Adam

Unaizah said...

Ermayum - Thanks!!! He's very lucky this year coz he gotta celebrate his birthday in Turki :-)