Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Swiss-Garden Resort & Spa, Kuantan, May 2012

Dear Diary,

Everything was tasty at Restoran Duyong! Makan sampai tersandaq! Then, we slowly made our move towards Kuantan. Pak Ban and family agreed to join us. The more, the merrier!

Before arriving Kuantan, we stopped at Swiss-Garden Resort & Spa first. We wanted to check in here for one night. Once again, we didn’t have any reservation and we were lucky to get rooms. The hotel was running on high occupancy rate with weekenders and functions guests. Though we had to wait for our rooms because previous guests just checked out, it was worth the wait. The kids didn’t waste any time, they straightaway changed into swimming attire and dipped into the pool.

We checked in into 2 adjacent rooms, numbered 8282 and 8283. Both rooms were spacious, clean, neat and tidy. There’s a balcony and garden chairs in which guests can sit, relax and admire the surrounding view. I like the hotel lobby the most. It is nicely designed overlooking restaurant, swimming pool and the ocean.

After freshened up and prayed, we drove to Kuantan town. Our destination was East Coast Mall. It was my first time there. Didn’t have much time to look around or shop because it was already past 8pm by the time we arrived there. We had dinner at an open food court near Grand Continental Hotel. Then, we went back to hotel and called it a day.

The next day, we eagerly woke up and looked forward to spending time at the beach or pool. Peeking out the window, it was raining cats and dogs outside. It looked like a change in plans was needed.  Before deciding on what to do, we recharge our energy with a hearty breakfast. Oh my, what a spread! You’re spoilt with choices at the hotel’s buffet breakfast. We took our own sweet time in indulging in the meal. Relax, makan slow-slow sambil sembang-sembang. It was still raining by the way.

After a long breakfast, we decided to try out indoor activities provided by the hotel. We tried the games room and gym. There are a lot of activities for the guests to fill up their time. And time does fly fast when you’re having fun. Soon enough, it was time to drag all three kids upstairs to change and pack up. It was nearing check out time.

What can I say? Everything’s perfect, couldn’t ask for more. The kids were over the moon for staying here. It was moreover their first experience staying at a good rated hotel. Tak habis-habis cakap bestnya, bestnya. Though we didn’t fully explore what Swiss Garden got to offer, we still had a pleasant time….to be continued.

Verdict: Highly recommended

Address: 2656-2657, Mukim Sungai Karang, Balok Beach, 26100 Beserah, Kuantan, Pahang. Telephone number: 09 - 5447333 / 09 - 5448333. Fax number: 09 - 5449555. Website: www.swissgarden.com

2 notes of inspiration:

maya amir said...

ooo..i penah stay kat sini..memang marvellous..tapi pantai die actualy tak bape cantik.. kalau musim tengkujuh lagiklah nmpk keruh sgt..heheh..tapi facilities here mmg i suke gile..mkn pun best:)

Unaizah said...

Maya - Oh pantai dia tak cantik ye? Akak tak jenguk langsung pantai. Facilities & makan memang tip top!