Friday, November 9, 2012

Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa, Cherating, May 2012

Dear Diary,

After a flavorless dinner, we hit the road again and finally checked in at Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa, Cherating. We didn’t make reservation prior to our arrival, we just walked in. Lady luck was shining upon us because rooms were still available even though Terengganu enjoys long weekend due to Wesak Day.

Our rooms
The 3 munchkins who are excited to stay at a hotel
Surprisingly, the room rate is very reasonable. We couldn’t believe it at first, had to ask twice for confirmation. I don’t know whether the rate is always like that or maybe because it was Friday so we got weekday rate. The rates were RM150 per night without breakfast or RM170 per night with breakfast. We checked in into two adjoining rooms, numbered 134 and 135.

View from our sliding door
Both rooms are located in Capital Wing. One room has 1 queen size bed while the other one has 2 single beds. The single bed is spacious. An adult plus a kid can sleep comfortably on it. Our rooms which are on the ground floor are neat, clean and roomy. The sliding door conveniently opens directly to swimming pool area. It’s a plus point for us who have children who love spending time at the pool. There’s even a hanging line at the balcony for us to hang our wet clothes. One small matter that irks me is the shower place which is a bit small although the toilet is large. Nevertheless, all of us slept soundly in the cozy air-conditioned rooms.

Apam Manis with Coconut Milk
Next morning woke up fresh and energetic, we hit Mario’s Beach Restaurant. It’s time to check out the hotel’s buffet breakfast. It was appealing. The spread include cereals, oat, breads, porridge, fried kueyteow, nasi lemak, sausages and potato wedges. There were also an egg station and beverages station (hot and cold). For desserts, there were bread butter pudding, fresh fruits and apam manis. What stole my appetite that morning was the traditional apam manis. Simple but delicious! I usually eat it as it is but here they serve it with coconut milk that has been seasoned with salt and sugar.

 Mario's Beach Restaurant
The views from breakfast place
What I like most is the place open concept (no walls). Hotel guests can enjoy surrounding morning views while having breakfast. Oh, the views are serenely soothing. On one side you have views of field and beach, whereas on the other side you have views of the hotel itself the buildings, pool, etc.

After a long leisurely breakfast, Hubby, Irfan and I strolled along the beach. Main-main air je. Just wanted to dip Irfan’s feet inside the water. Come to think of it, this trip we didn’t go in the ocean water at all. Furthermore, the kids prefer pool to beach.

As for Imran and Zarra who couldn’t wait to get inside the pool, they hurriedly ate their breakfast. Halfway through breakfast, they were gone. Running and laughing happily towards the pool. After everybody had enough of fun splashing time in the cold pool water, it’s time to pack and check out…to be continued.

Verdict: Highly recommended

Address: Lot 1303, Mukim Sungai Karang, Cherating, 26080 Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur. Telephone number: 09 – 5819500. Fax number: 09 – 5819178. E-mail: Website:

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Chik Att said...

Wowww ....more more liputan ..hehehe ...nanti boleh CA terjah .....

Unaizah said...

Chik Att - Terjah jgn tak terjah. Memang bestlah Holiday Villa ni. Kita sama-sama share tempat-tempat menarik di pantai timur ye.

Ranjeet Kumar said...

The beach resort holidays are best accommodation choice for tourists, these resorts offer a spectacular view of the splendid sun, sand, and sea right from the spaciously designed and well-appointed guestrooms. Pampering the visitors to their heart's desire

Unaizah said...

Ranjeet Kumar - Thank you for visiting my blog. You're absolutely right. Beach resorts are place where visitors can chill and unwind.