Saturday, November 10, 2012

Restoran Duyong, Cherating, May 2012

Dear Diary,

After everybody had enough of fun splashing time in the coldpool water, it’s time to pack and check out from Holiday Villa Cherating. We had made arrangements with my uncle, Pak Ban to meet up for late lunch at Restoran Duyong.

Pak Ban lives in Kemaman. Whenever we visit him, without fail he would treat us at Restoran Duyong. There’s nothing fancy about the restaurant, just an ordinary look eating place within a chalet compound. But don’t let the exterior façade deceives you because the foods are marvelous. The chef has been able to maintain the superb taste from as long as I can remember eating there.  

Pak Ban likes to go there late afternoon and stay there until late evening. It’s the right timing to chill out at this place. With its open concept, you can sit there for hours gazing at the sea. While you’re eating and chatting, the sea breeze whiffs in. Angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa…makin laju tangan menyuap makanan.

Lai Katong – All time favorite! Sambal dia pergh meleleh!
Extra Veggie Fritters (sayur salut tepung) – Crispy
Siakap Stim Lime – Yummy
Butter Prawn – Different from the usual butter prawn dish, different cooking style
Sotong Goreng Tepung
Telur Dadar – Even this simple dish is yummy
Kangkung Goreng Belacan
Sayur Campur
Jus Nenas, Milo Ais, Jus Mangga – Very pure, Kelapa Thai

Everything was tasty! Makan sampai tersandaq! be continued.

Address: Batu 28, Kampung Cherating, Cherating Jalan Kuantan-Kemaman, 26080 Kuantan, Pahang. Telephone number: 09 – 581 9578

7 notes of inspiration:

maya amir said...

bile akak gi cherating? ketinggalan ketapi laa i..heheh.. siakap stim tu nmpk sgt sedap..sedap tak kak? nak try laa nanti..restoran duyung ye? ok noted:)

Unaizah said...

Maya - Akak gi bulan May dulu ha. Kalau akak gi visit pakcik akak yg dok Kemaman tu, dia mesti belanja makan kat restoran ni. So far ni, memang sedap belaka.

Anonymous said...

Salam kak.. Yg phone num kat bwh tu restoren duyong pnye ke?

Unaizah said...

Anonymous - Salam. Ye dik, nombor phone yg kat bawah tu nombor Restoran Duyong. Ikut apa yg tertera kat menu dia itulah nombornya.

Stephen Ng said...

Do they open during the puasa month?

Angeline Gan said...

Do they open during the fasting month?

Unaizah said...

Stephen Ng and Angeline Gan - I think they're open but I'm not 100% sure. Maybe you can call them at 09-581 9578.