Thursday, November 1, 2012

Subway Tesco Sect 13, Shah Alam, May 2012

Dear Diary,

Subway Melt
Last May, Subway officially opened a new outlet at Tesco Sect 13, Shah Alam. Its location is very strategic; near to the entrance (opposite King’s Confectionary and also near to food court). I for one am happy. You see I love Subway but Hubby does not fancy it much so I can indulge in its good sandwich only once in a while.

Subway Melt
Now that Subway has an outlet at Tesco where I do my grocery shopping, I can enjoy the tasty sandwiches more often. One funny thing though whenever I go to Subway, I always request the staff who prepare my sandwich to do the selecting of ingredients. In my opinion, they’re more knowledgeable compared to me in choosing which things suit with what and assembling everything to create a tasty sandwich. In a way, I’d have different sandwich eating experience each time.

White Chocolate & Chocolate Macadamia - Love their cookies!

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