Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Dear Diary,

When I was tucking in my two angels to sleep last night, I saw a mosquito flying around looking for its victim. I victoriously vanquished that little creature when suddenly a thought crossed my mind. KELAMBU or mosquito net….

Yeah, a piece of cloth (usually white and see-through) that is hanged like a tent in the middle of the room for people to sleep in. I wonder will my kids ever get a chance to see a kelambu or even sleep in one. I haven’t come across a kelambu in a long time. I don’t mean fancy kelambu that is used to decorate bridal’s room nowadays. What I’m talking here is the old fashioned kelambu. Do people even use kelambu in these modern days?

I reminisce my childhood. I used to sleep in kelambu whenever I balik kampung. Windows were even opened to let the night air breezed in. It never failed to bring about a cool and cozy slumber.

Life was so much simpler then. Only minimal need (in some occasions none at all) for aerosol spray or mosquito repellent. Pollution was less and we inhaled better quality air. Those were the good old days….

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ERMAYUM said...

hi i am here :) rajin drop comment ok and in no time people will come reading yours - i am so happy somebody that i know in real time is writing a blog yeayyyyyyyyyyyyy - this give me an idea to write about us hheheh