Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wedding Marathon

Dear Diary,

School holidays were over a week ago. All school going children go back to their schools and resume their education.

During school holidays recently, I was on a wedding marathon. We were invited to 7 weddings. 4 were held in Kelantan, 1 in Seremban, 1 in Subang Jaya and another 1 was in Puncak Alam. It has become a trend nowadays where people like to get married during school holidays.

Imagine all the food that I enjoyed for the past two weeks. The amounts of nasi minyak, meat and manisan that went down my throat and became “spare tyre” make me cringe thinking back. Hubby complains he cannot fit into some of his favorite pants. He starts going back to the gym and swimming again. My two kids also had their fair share of boiled eggs and sweets given as bunga telur. What’s important all the memories shall remain in our hearts.

There are many differences between weddings held in villages and towns, at home and hotel/hall. The feel is just not the same. Each has its own uniqueness and kemeriahan.

I pray all 7 masjid built stay strong forever, the couples calmly face whatever hurdles come their way and they live happily till the end of their lives. Amin….

2 notes of inspiration:

ERMAYUM said...

org jemput kenala pg kan - separuh org amek ringgan ja nak g kenduri ni

unaizah said...

Dlm Islam pun hukumnya wajib menghadiri kenduri hehehe. Unless kita have a very strong reason bolehla dikecualikan.