Friday, June 11, 2010

The Proposal

Dear Diary,

(continued from The Verdict)

Mr. F gave me a call a day after we came back from KL and we talked as usual. Then, out of the blue he surprised me with a question. 1000 dollar question!!

“What do you say if my parents go to your house?”

Oh my God, was he popping THE question? Was I jumping into conclusions? Was this for real? Was he proposing?????

I didn’t know how I felt at that particular moment. I didn’t know how to response. All sorts of reactions and mixed feelings jumbled up on my mind. Pretending not knowing where the conversation might lead to, I replied, “Sure, no problem. Why can’t they? Tak salahkan ziarah-menziarahi?”

What if I got the wrong impression? It would have been a huge embarrassment for me. Mr. F laughed and casually pursued, “I nak hantar rombongan meminang le. How about they go in two weeks time?”

Speechless and stunned, I stumbled for an answer, “I’ll ask my parents.” I didn’t know what else to say. I was dumbfounded. His question caught me off guard.
After hanging up, I immediately called my parents and told them the news. Well, well, my mother calmly said, “Baguslah. Let them come. They’re welcome.”
It took a while for the news to sink in and it took me a few hours to fathom what was going on. Wow, it was really happening!! Allah has a unique way displaying His blessings on me. When I least expected it and when I was ready to give up on love, something wonderful happened. A GUY PROPOSED TO ME!

To tell the truth, after going out on the first date in KL I’d been performing solat istikharah asking for Allah’s guidance regarding my jodoh. I asked Allah to show me the easier way and make it easy for me if Mr. F is my jodoh. It just felt right this time around. I guess my prayers were answered.
Everything from that day onwards went on smoothly. Both families discussed and agreed for rombongan merisik cum meminang to come to my house on the first of April. April Fool’s day….what a coincidence.
ps: to be continued in The Engagement
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2 notes of inspiration:

ERMAYUM said...

wow cepat gilos heheh -dah suka buat apa tunggu - agak2 apa yg buat dia tak sabar eh kkekek
does he know u have a blog? :)

unaizah said...

Tu yg jd tergamam tak terkata apa2. Tp tah le senang lak trima dia...maybe dah sampai seru. Jodohkan huhu.
Dia tahu tapi tak tahula dia baca ke tak. Malulah...