Thursday, June 17, 2010

Report Card

Dear Diary,

One week before school closes, I received a memo from my son’s teacher. On the last day of schooling parents are required to go to the kindergarten to collect their children’s report cards. Wow, kindergarten also has report cards now huh. How competitive! A world of difference from my kindergarten days, of course it was decades ago hehe.

On June 4th, my hubby and I went to Imran’s school. I was very nervous and anxious. You see, Imran is a clever boy (according to my standard that is) but he’s playful and careless. A bit lazy sometimes. Hubby laughed at me saying I was overreacting as if I were the one who is getting the results. As a mother maybe I can’t help being overly worried, I guess. Aren’t all mothers like that? I know Imran can excel but it would be a waste if he was careless since our education system emphasizes on academic excellence.

After waiting a while, it was our turn to meet with Miss Wong, the class teacher. First, she explained each exam paper that Imran took, his mistakes and his scores. Like I predicted, most of his mistakes were due to carelessness. I also enquired about his behavior at school and raised my concerns over his Bahasa Melayu’s spelling capability. Miss Wong explained Imran is well behaved (thank God!) and concurred he sometimes have difficulties in spelling. Another weird habit of him is he doesn’t like to be touch by his friends. Hmm, that’s something new. I wonder why it is so. Furthermore, he usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes of “quiet time” every morning before he warms up and starts interacting with everybody else. This one he takes after me hehe.

The highlight of the meeting was the report card. I couldn’t believe my eyes when Miss Wong showed the report card. Imran got 5th in his class and 6th overall. His marks were good. He even scored full mark in some of his subjects. Imran, on the other hand, was a bit disappointed because he didn’t get a trophy. There were trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. He saw two of his friends holding trophies. Never mind dear, you can always try harder next time. There will be yearend exams to look forward to, I consoled him. For me, 5th place is a special gift from him to me.

Tears blurred my vision as I made my way to the car. MAMA IS VERY PROUD OF YOU DEAR!
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2 notes of inspiration:

ERMAYUM said...

tak habis kan kita sikit sikit nak nangis kekekeek it is only tadika la pulak tu - no not you - i am talking about me :)

unaizah said...

Faham sgt la. Bukan sengaja nak nangis tp it just flows freely hehehe. Lambat lagi nak sampai univ....berkilo-kilo le airmata kuar.