Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pulau Kapas, Terengganu May 2010

Dear Diary,

Last month, we had a family vacation. My parents in law planned a getaway for the whole family to Pulau Kapas. In the end, it turned out to be like a small family reunion since lots of my husband’s relatives joined the trip. There were 1 family from Kota Bharu, 2 families from Kuantan and 4 families from KL. All in all, there were 29 of us.

We shoot off to Kuantan early in the morning and had lunched at Cik Ngah’s house (my hubby’s aunt). After lunch, we continued our journey to Jeti Pulau Kapas in Marang. The jetty was the meeting point for everybody.

Around 4:30 pm, we boarded a boat and sailed to Pulau Kapas. We stayed at Kapas Island Resort. It was a chalet like resort with many fruit trees. The food was a disappointment for me. They served a variety of dishes but the taste was a bit bland. The barbecue was delicious though.

The guys got to go for candat sotong and had a friendly match of volley ball. As for us ladies and the children, our days were spent mostly at the beach. My children were sunburned after spending their every waking hours frolicking on the beach.

The crystal clear water, white soft sand and breathtaking sunsets made the holiday so much more memorable. There were groups of fishes swimming among us. The mosquitoes were huge! Personally for me, Terengganu beaches are the best and most beautiful in west Malaysia. The best beaches in the whole of Malaysia are in Sabah.

Enjoy the pictures….. ;)

2 notes of inspiration:

ERMAYUM said...

i every yr balik trengganu pun tak pernah sampai- planning to go since march nak in june cuti sekolah but accident la pulak :)

unaizah said...

My makcik kat Kemaman kata if dia g Pulau Kapas, she always stays at resort Makcik Gemuk. I tak tau la fullname resort tu tp according to her food is fabulous and ada lots of activities.