Friday, February 4, 2011

Goldilocks' Curls

Dear Diary,

My daughter, Zarra, has curly hair. I don’t know from whom she inherits that trait because both Hubby and I have straight hair. Her hair is straight from the root and curly towards the end. Kind of Goldilocks’ hair don’t you think?

Her hair has grown long over time. One thing about her hair is it’s difficult to comb especially the curly part. Not to mention painful for her at times as well. To make matters worse, Zarra doesn’t like her hair to be tied or braided.

Therefore, I decided to cut Zarra’s hair to a more manageable length. I brought her to a salon once and it was not a pleasant experience. She was crying the whole time, not wanting to have her hair cut. In the end, the hairstylist had to cut Zarra’s hair while she was sitting on me. Since then, we’ve been only trimming her hair at home.

One fine day recently, I went for a haircut myself. To my surprise, Zarra wanted to have one too. There were no tears no tantrums this time around. It was indeed delightful sharing this experience with her.

Ps: For a picture of Zarra with her new hair, please click here.

7 notes of inspiration:

Zakian Sulhi said...

zara nampak besaq la

Unaizah said...

Ni gambaq bulan Dec. Wait till you see her now...dah slim, look more mature.

Ermayum said...

mna nya gambo rambut baru takdak pun

maya amir said...

canteknye rambut die..i suke:)

Fith said...

cantik laa rambut zara,rambut idaman semua wanita kot,ikal mayang,hehe.

Unaizah said...

Ermayum - Sori ye...Unai letak dlm next entry. At first nak combine both stories, tu yg termiss out gambar after haircut. Check out next entry - Ear Piercing / Bertindik.

Maya - Memang nampak cantik (emak dia lak yg kembang hahaha) tp nak menyikat part curl tu susah la. Sian dia asyik sakit time sikat rambut.

Fith - Rasa-rasanya la kot Fith. Akak dulu kecik-kecik pun teringin nak rambut ikal cam gini.

Anonymous said...

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