Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Orientation Dec 31, 2010

Dear Diary,

It has been almost two months now that Imran started schooling. He’s adapting well to the new environment. Sure, sometimes he’s a bit liat in waking up in the morning and doing his homework, but he’s doing as well as I’d hope for him.

Kids nowadays are so advanced and exposed to this big world. Imagine having convocation in kindergarten and orientation in Standard 1. I only knew about orientation when I started pre-university at 18 years old.

Early morning of 31st December 2010, Hubby, Imran and I got ready and went to Sekolah Kebangsaan Pandan Indah. First order of the day, all students lined up according to class. Since Imran missed placement test organized by his school last November, he was not assigned any class yet. All students who had not taken the test lined up together. Phew, he was not the only one; many more were in the same boat.

After a welcoming speech by a teacher, students walked to their respective classrooms and parents were invited to go to Dewan Juita. Imran was told to go to a classroom and sat for the placement test. Good luck, dear! As I watched Imran walked away, I realized how big my firstborn is now. How time flies!

Hubby and I went to Dewan Juita to be briefed on the new syllabus KSSR. As I sat listening to all the speeches, I recalled my schooldays when I was in a school hall similar to Dewan Juita and sat through countless assemblies and talks. At one point, I could barely open my eyes. Dari zaman sekolah sampai la dah jadi mak budak, pantang dengar lecture sure mata pun berat je. After the briefings ended, Hubby and I divided tasks among us and went our separate ways. While I went to buy nametag, tie, badge and sports attire, Hubby went to school bookstore to get all the books and stationeries. He also went and got the text books.

After Imran finished his placement test, we showed him around the school (toilet, canteen, field, teachers' lounge, etc). We taught him how to buy food at the canteen, where to line up to get the food and where to eat. Before going back, we also showed him his school van, Kak Maz (driver of the bus) and where to wait for the bus. Last but not least, we also explained to him a bit on safety (crossing the road, don't go with strangers, inform teachers if anything happen, etc).

To be continued in First Day of School

4 notes of inspiration:

Ermayum said...

untung budak budak sekarang kan mak ayah turun padang - do they know that they are lucky

ICA said...

Unai, how's his schooling days now? is Imran enjoying school? Imran tak kena ditunggu during his first few days of school ka? ke independant boy dah...

Unaizah said...

Ermayum - I really hope our kids realize they're very lucky and know how much we love them (despite all the marah-marah).

Unaizah said...

Ica - He's enjoying this school better than his kindie. Ada hari ok, ada hari bagi mama naik angin. On 3rd day, he's on his own. Want to know more, bacalah next entry hihi - First Day of School