Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lecka-Lecka e@Curve, Jan 2011

Dear Diary,

While waiting for our turn to go inside a movie theater, Hubby usually treats us with ice cream. Our choice more often than not is McDonald’s ice cream. It’s yummy, fast and hassle free. However, when we went to watch Gulliver’s Travels, we tried something different. Lecka-Lecka was our choice.

Lecka-Lecka is an outlet selling gelato that is churned up using traditional Italian recipes. Gelato unlike ice cream is made with more milk than cream. It also has lower fat content than ice cream; thus making it healthier. For more info about gelato, click here. Lecka-Lecka’s gelato is made on a daily basis; so customers are always served fresh gelato. Its gelato is also 99.4% fat free, while its sorbet is 99.9% fat free.

There are quite a number of flavors to choose from. All three of us chose different flavors for variety. Stracciatella, Crème Brule and Strawberry were selected by Hubby, me and Imran respectively. Gelato’s taste is smoother and denser than regular ice cream. To our taste buds, Crème Brule and Strawberry are flavorsome but not Stracciatella. Yet, different people have different preferences. Hence, you must choose your flavor wisely.

If you want to know more about Lecka-Lecka, you can check out its website. Consequently, if you’re craving for an ice cream but you’re watching your waistline, you can opt for Lecka-Lecka for its healthier and fresher offerings.

4 notes of inspiration:

maya amir said...

gile menarik eskem tu unai.. sedap eh? i wish kat jb ade..

Mummy Nana said...

Wahh... sedap nie.. mesti mahal kan... I suka gelato... this gve me an idea... hehehe.. nanti nak cuba buat sendiri lah... hehehe

Ermayum said...

tapi ice cream dia pekat cam yogurt kan eda tak gemar sangat i suka baskin lagi :)

pesal zarra kena tinggal ? sian zarra :)

Unaizah said...

Maya - Ada yg sedap, ada yg tak...depends on flavor. So kena pandai pilih perisa...and ikut selera masing-masing. Mai la kl...

Mummy Nana - Tau la ada ice cream maker. Try buat gelato and blog about it kay. Tak ingat la harga berapa sebab hubby yg bayar.

Ermayum - Memang la tak leh lawan Baskin. I love Baskin too!!! Dah la my sis keja Baskin. Lecka-lecka ni sedap gak...and lower in fat hihi. Tak penah bawak zarra tengok wayang lagi. Takut dia tak leh sit still sebab dia cepat boring sikit.