Friday, February 11, 2011

Ice Room Nilai, Dec 2010

Dear Diary,

During last haji season, my parents in law were among the 26,000 jemaah from Malaysia. Alhamdulillah, they had successfully performed the haji and are now Haji and Hajah. It was especially meaningful for my mother in law because this was her first time performing haji. They departed for Mekah on Nov 3 and came back on Dec 15.

On the day of their arrival, we went to KLIA to welcome them home. While traveling to the airport, we received a call from my brother in law informing that the flight was delayed until 10:30pm. As we were not in a rush and we did not have our dinner yet, we made a detour and went into Nilai town.

As we wandered the roads of Nilai in search of food, I saw Ice Room and remembered mouth-watering ice cream pictures my friend put up in her Facebook. Don’t be deceived by its name because Ice Room not only serves delectable ice creams but also offers variety other foods from local to Asian to Western on its menu.

We were apprehensive at first as how the food would taste but at the end of our dinner, we didn’t regret stopping at Ice Room. All our orders were marvelous with the exception of the noodle soup, which for me was just like Maggi soup. Its Yamy Yamy Yam Snow Ice for instance, would be just an ordinary bowl of ice cream if not for all condiments (diced yam, chocolate rice, biji selasih etc) thrown in together to create a harmoniously taste yam ice cream.

If you happen to be in the vicinity of Nilai, do check out this restaurant at Nilai Square (near shop houses selling kain ela). Its address is Ice Room Nilai No. 200-201, Dahlia Mall, Jln Nilai Square 6, Nilai Square

4 notes of inspiration:

Ermayum said...

eda belum pernah makan bebetul lagi tuhari birthday party buffet food budak2 ja cam ayam goreng tu nugget semua - but ice cream dia memang sedap kurangskit manis dari BR rasanya
nanti kena try proper meal :)

ICA said...

Unai, there is one Ica Room very near my house in Bangi...Next time terjah yg Bangi pulak..if you are in the area lah...boleh kita join sekali...hehehe.

maya amir said...

kalau i gi sana pun, mesti i ingat they serve ice cream only..hehe

Unaizah said...

Ermayum - Go and try... Ice cream dia sedap!! Segala mak nenek yg diorang letak dlm 1 dish ice cream tu kena je combinationnya.

Ica - Bangi ada branch huh? Actually kat Bangi ada banyak tempat makan kami ni je yg jarang gi area sana. Dulu time keje boleh la round sana sini.

Maya - Nama dia tu buat kita assume kedai tu jual ice cream je. Ni kes don't judge a book by its cover la ni...