Friday, February 25, 2011

Gulliver's Travels

Dear Diary,

On the first weekend of 2011, Hubby took me and Imran out for a movie. We went to Cathay Cineplex Damansara. After much deliberation, we picked Gulliver’s Travels because Imran could enjoy it too. He likes to tag along whenever he finds out we’re going to the movie. Nak dating pun tak leh! Gulliver’s Travels, a light and entertaining film, is directed by Rob Letterman and acted by Jack Black as Lemuel Gulliver, Amanda Peet as Darcy Silverman and Emily Blunt as Princess Mary.

This funny story centers on Gulliver who works as a mailroom clerk. He is kind of a loser who is not ambitious and contented with his life as it is. He secretly has a crush on Darcy, a superior at his workplace. Accidentally, he signed up for an assignment to impress the girl. In completing the task at hand, he somehow ends up in a fantasyland. This is when all the adventure and hilarious scenes begin. The scene I like best is when Gulliver becomes a fireman. You’ll have to watch this movie to know which scene I am talking about.

At one point of Gulliver’s voyage, he becomes arrogant and so full of himself. A series of events knocks some senses into him and he turns a new leaf. He ended up with an experience of his lifetime.

Do you believe me when I said that I dozed off a few times, each about 10 to 15 seconds watching this comical film? Never in my life had I slept while watching movie at the cinema no matter how boring the story was. This shows how exhausted I was!!! Sleep deprivation!!

6 notes of inspiration:

ICA said...

Jealousnya...last time Ica tengok movie berdua was back before we had kids..see how long that was..berzaman dah.

Dipankar said...

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maya amir said...

boring eh cite ni unai? seb baik ari tu tak gi tgk.. ended up we watched meet lil fockers tu..yg tu best;)

Unaizah said...

Ica - Kami pun dah lama tak tengok berdua. If teringin nak tengok wayang, angkut sekali yg abang tu. Time takde anak dulu memang kaki wayang both of us. Seminggu sure sekali gi wayang, kadang-kadang lebih.

Dipankar - Thanks for the info.

Maya - Cite tu tak boring...kelakar tp i penat sgt and tak cukup tidur tu yg blh terlelap.

Ermayum said...

laaa u found it boring eh ? i tgk gak ngan rafi ok ja but if it was up to me i tak tengok eh cite ni hero tak hensommmmm keekkeek

Unaizah said...

Ermayum - Tak boring la tp unai penat sangat, tu yg terlelap. Tp nak kata best sgt pun tak jugak. Biasa-biasa je.