Monday, January 24, 2011

Chill Out

Dear Diary,

As mentioned in Jalan-jalan Alor Setar, there were days when we just chilled out at home. On days like this we just stayed at home and do something around the house.

For instance, we would laze around and watch movies. Look at the pictures of the kids being scared while trying to watch a horror movie. Well, they requested for cerita hantu. Afterward they complained they were having difficulties falling asleep.

Then, there were days when we just let the kids played their hearts out.

3 notes of inspiration:

Rina NAR said...

cutenya tgk budak2 tuh....anak2 i pun mcm tu tau..ckp je lebih nk tgk crita hantu, d end berkepit tido ngn mak *haishhh*

zarin said...

comelnya..itu anak2 buah u jugak eh..
eh i nampak baby irfan tu tengah pandang camera..pandai dia

Unaizah said...

Rina - Hahaha, budak-budak! Diorang yg beria-ia nak tengok, last-last nak berkepit dgn kita je. Nak buat apa pun takut. Semua nak berteman.

Zarin - Yup, anak-anak buah. Riuh la rumah my parents if kami balik kampung. Cucu-cucu baru 6 org tp bunyi mcm 60 org.