Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Home Wet Home

Dear Diary,

While rearranging pictures in my laptop, I stumbled upon pictures of flood that hit Kedah in November 2010. My sweet little brother must have copied them from my father’s laptop. Thanks a bunch dear : P

It was reported to be the worst flood in Kedah’s history. As far as I can recall, it sure was the worst because never in my 30 something years of living saw such tragedy struck my hometown. A case in point is my parents’ house. We’ve been living in that house for over 2 decades. Never ever water rises in my neighborhood even if flash flood occurred in some other places in town for example roads near State Museum and Sri Maha Mariamman Devasthanam Temple. However, last November for the first time my house was surrounded with water. The lawn, backyard and both sides of the house were submerged with flood. Luckily the water did not get inside the house.

There were people who were not so lucky though. Thousands of people had to abandon their homes and stayed at relief centers. Thousands worth of properties were either damage or lost. Authorities are still pointing fingers as to what trigger the flood. Maybe it is Allah’s way to remind us humans to better preserve our environment. Sometimes we forget this Earth is fragile and we tend to take things for granted.

6 notes of inspiration:

aS_c0mei said...

teruk kan...sian kat org yg susah & anak ramai yg kena pindah randah tu.hmm....saya dulu masa kecik selalu la kena banjir kat kg.tp seronok sbb bleh main rakit apa semua.hehehe....penah sekali lemas,nasib la abah selamatkan,umur masih panjang....

zarin said...

terukkan banjir kat kedah itu hari..my brother pun kena pindah..
eh, happy birthday to imran. tk sempat nk blogwalking sgt..sibuk menjahit hehe:D

Ermayum said...

umah parents unai kena tak ? teruk eh, sian they all

Unaizah said...

As - Memang kesian kat orang yg kena dok pusat pemindahan banjir tu. Bersesak-sesak, panas, tak selesa. Sian kat orang-orang tua and budak-budak. Oooo, ni la budak pompuan yg masuk berita hampir lemas tu hahahaha. Nasib baik umur panjang.

Zarin - Memang teruk. Tempat yg tak penah-penah naik air, habis tenggelam. Yr brother dok kat mana? Thank you for the wish.

Ermayum - Air naik tp tak masuk dlm rumah. Tp jln nak ke rumah, laman depan belakang and sekeliling rumah memang penuh air la.

dona::rose said...

Salam. I just dropped by and read this post.

Anything can happen kan.
May Allah save us from any harm.

Unaizah said...

Dona Rose - Thank you for dropping by. Sekarang ni dah haywire cuaca, not just in Malaysia tp all over the world. Mudah-mudahan dilindungi Allah kita semua.