Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jalan-jalan Alor Setar, Nov & Dec 2010

Dear Diary,

I have three kids age 6+, 2+ and 3 months+. My brother, who is living with my parents, also has three kids age 6+, 4+ and 2+. Whenever I go back to my parents’ house, the house is filled up by 6 active children. Believe me, the sound that they produce is deafening at times.

Last school holidays, the task to control a bunch of energetic children was a challenge for me. Not only was it a very exhausting challenge but also a rewarding one. It was very heartfelt to see all of them playing, quarrelling and bonding together. When there are six children around with six types of behaviors, I bet you wouldn’t realize time passes you by. So, in order to content six curious minds, I and my siblings planned something everyday. For example field trip day, chill out day, picnic day, park day, relatives’ houses day etc.

On field trip days, we brought the kids to some of the interesting places around Alor Setar town. Everyday there would be something that we’d all be doing together. The spots that we checked out were:

ISTANA ANAK BUKIT – We did not go inside the palace (would like to go in though). We just took a couple of pictures at the entrance.

Tourist spots along JALAN PEKAN MELAYU Masjid Zahir, Balai Besar, Balai Seni Negeri, Balai Nobat, Galleria Sultan Abdul Halim and Menara Jam Besar.

DATARAN TANJUNG CHALI – The surrounding is nice but too bad it is not well maintained. The smell from the river is not pleasant either.

As days went by, these cousins became closer. I am very pleased as it is not always that we get chances to go back to Kedah. I hope my children know their roots and be proud of it.

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aS_c0mei said...

saya pernah ke alor setar beberapa kali je dulu.tu pon g mall je,sbb duk arau,takde apa.'terpaksa' la ke alor setar nak cuci mata.haha..terpaksa konon....padahal sukeeeee!

ni buat saya teruja nak g alor setar gak ni.baru semalam bork ngan husband,balik m'sia raya nanti.klu ada rezeki,nak round utara...kedah,perlis,penang...yayyy!doa2 la jadi..impian saya ni...=)

Unaizah said...

As - Insya Allah, amin. Penang je dah banyak tempat tourist and tempat makan nak round. Tambah kedah & perlis lagi. Jenuh jalan and makan la!! Akak lak yg excited fikir...

Ermayum said...

iye zarra kurus lah dalam gambar ni heheh
i lum pernah sampai alor star :)

Unaizah said...

Ermayum - Sekarang Zarra lagi kurus. Jom la jln-jln belah utara. Alor Setar ni takde le gempak sgt tp adalah hidden gems dia sana sikit sini sikit.