Monday, March 26, 2012

My Princess is 4

Dear Diary,

Today, my only daughter is 4 years old.

Happy birthday, Zarra!!!!

Nowadays, when she plays she likes to pretend to be someone else. Sometimes, she’s a ballerina. Sometimes, she’s a princess. Another time, she’s a superhero or a model.

She’s dependable, helpful and tolerable. She’s talkative but sometimes can be very cynical (mulut laser). Her outer looks soft but she is very determined once she sets her mind on something. She likes posing for the camera.

She can be heartless (keras) at times and kuat merajuk. She thinks she’s pretty.

She likes Kinder Joy & Big Apple. She loves books.

Nur Zarra Zulaika,

Whatever your strengths, whatever your weaknesses, Mama loves you still the same. I’m so grateful to Allah for having you in my life.

Since this is your day, only good things are wished for you sweetie. Be a puteri solehah. Be true to yourself. Dream the impossible and reach for the sky.

8 notes of inspiration:

lemongrass said...

Happy birthday Zarra.
May all the wishes come true for you.

Asmara said...

Hi beautiful princess! happy besdey to you, be a good girl and may Allah bless you always! Amin..:)

maya amir said...

she's indeed pretty..:)) happy bday zarra dearie:)

Lady Lavender said...

hepi besday zarra comey :-))

semoga doa mama termakbul.amin..

Fith said...

Zarra ni sgt cantik!soo adorable...

Happy birthday!moga membesar jadi permata hati ayah bonda yer...

Unaizah said...

LG - Thanks. Insya Allah.

As - Amin

Maya - Dia perasan cantik. Siap marah & merajuk kalau kita kata dia tak cantik.

Lady Lavender - Thanks kak....amin.

Fith - Kalau dia boleh baca ni, sure perasan hihihihi. Thanks...

sisdee said...

happy belated bday dear..
be a good girl ;)

Unaizah said...

Sisdee - Thank you... She's a good girl most of the time :D