Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Year 2012 Celebration

Dear Diary,

It has been years since the last time we celebrated the coming of a new year. When we lived in Bukit Bintang, we used to join in the crowd during any countdown (be it Merdeka Day or New Year Celebration) and watched the fireworks from the field where all the actions and happenings are. Maybe our house close proximity to the action center made us didn’t feel too weary to join the bash with hundreds others. Our house even was used as pit stop by family and relatives who wanted to rest before the countdown or fireworks show.

However, since having Zarra, we stopped this activity. Well, I did but Hubby still go with his friends instead. Imagine my surprise when Hubby said we would be having dinner outside on New Year’s Eve and if time and situation permit, we would also be watching fireworks. Choosing the venue proved to be a problem because when you have children many factors have to be considered. After much analyzing, we finally agreed upon Sunway Pyramid.

After Maghrib, we set out to Sunway Pyramid. The crowd was still bearable and parking was still relatively easy to find. We walked around the shopping complex for a while. After our feet started to ache, we looked for a place to have dinner. Tarbush was our choice. In the beginning, we went to there just for dinner. However, as we went inside we found out the place is a good spot to watch fireworks. At last, we decided to just stay there until midnight. Funny thing though, in order to wait for the fireworks our dinner stretched to 3 hours. We kept on ordering more and more food. Still, it was pleasant to just eat, talk and chill. What’s important, we’re in the company of our loved ones.

In the end, it proved to be a very wise decision because when the fireworks started we had a blast. We were practically under the firework’s sparkle!!

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