Saturday, March 10, 2012

Naili's Place, Sentul, Dec 2011

Dear Diary,

I mentioned in my last entry that my uncle, Pak Ban and his family came for a visit. For the duration of their stay, we brought them to a few of our favorite food joints. The first one was Naili’s in Taman Dato Senu, Sentul.

We spent hours chatting and eating in the restaurant’s cozy and pleasant ambiance. The kids on the other hand were just as delighted playing around the beautifully decorated interior after having their dinner.

Our dinners that night were:

Ubi Rebus – looooove this dish especially its sambal

Soup and Garlic Bread

Cantonese Fried Kueyteow with Ginger Chicken

Lasagna – the lasagna was delicious but the white sauce was a spoiler

Fish & Chip

Lamb Chop – the lamb was a bit liat

Sizzling Chicken Chop – the chicken was overcooked (dah hangit sikit)

Kelapa Muda & Chocolate Ice Blended

Fresh Lime & Watermelon Juices

2 notes of inspiration:

ColourfulSock said...

Familiar nama Pak Ban nie .... Awak selalu cerita kan dulu?

Unaizah said...

ColourfulSock - Maybe la sebab he & his children used to live with us after bercerai with his previous wife :)