Friday, March 9, 2012

Yet Another Sweet Memory

Dear Diary,

Weeks before our moving, my uncle and his family came all the way from Kemaman. They stayed for a couple of days. One evening while my uncle was tidying up his car boot, a Chinese man parked his car in the next parking lot. He came out of the car carrying loads of durian.

Being friendly and neighborly, my uncle said hi and started a conversation. He asked if the man intended to sell the durians. To his surprise, the Chinese man said a friend of him gave them and for RM50 my uncle can have 3 bags of durians. There were more than 10 durians of different sizes altogether.

I was upstairs when my uncle called me and asked me to bring down some old newspapers and a knife. I said what for. He replied just bring those things down. When I went down, I didn’t expect what he wanted to do. Minutes later, we sat down on newspaper and enjoyed creamy durians in the parking lots.

Another sweet memory in Pandan Mewah

Ps: Sila abaikan gambar tuan blog yang agak tak semenggah : )

2 notes of inspiration:

Lady Lavender said...

oooo...sedapnya durian!

Unaizah said...

Lady Lavender - Memaaaaan sedap kak! Saya ni hantu durian hihihihi....